You can enjoy plenty of activities during your stay with us. We recommend spending time relaxing on the beach to exploring the village. Some attractions are world class. You stay is definitely unique with us as we are part of the village.

Walk to Induruwa Beach

Induruwa beach is one of the best beaches you can find in the country. It is clean and private. Most areas of the beach are safe. These pictures are taken at about 8.00AM.

If you walk along the beach you may pass a fishing port. You might be lucky to arrange a boat trip and snorkel. You will enjoy the sun set and sun down on a clear sky. The beach is good for many sports.

Some scenery to the beach from the villa. Enjoy the village. Please contact our manager and discuss options you can explore on beach beds, meals and beverages. Go many days as possible!!!

Visit to Lunuganga Estate

Tour Times: 9:30am, 11:30am, 2:00pm & 3:30pm

Lunch from 12:30pm – 2:30pm

Entrance Fee: LKR 1,500/ ($100)

Lunuganga Estate was the country home of the renowned Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa. Lunuganga estate remained his first muse and experimental laboratory for new ideas. He continued to change and experiment with its spaces and structures throughout his life until his final illness in 1998. Left to the Lunuganga Trust on his demise in 2003, the gardens are now open to the public and the buildings on the estate are run as a country house hotel.

Time: 1 Day or ½ Day. Please contact our Manager

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Walk to Induruwa Sea Turtle Conservation Project

Turtle populations are attacked at all stages of their lives, both from natural and human pressures and all species of sea turtle are now classed as endangered. Without intervention, we may lose these beautiful, ancient creatures from our ocean’s forever.

Our conservation effort aims to prevent further decline of their population and protect turtles by ensuring viable nesting and feeding populations of these magnificent ancient creatures. You can walk to the location from the Villa.

It opens at about 9.00AM and closes at about 6.00PM. This is run by the villages who are nature lovers. Our guests from the Villa are given special treatment if you ask our manager to make an introduction. You will be charged a reasonable admission fee to maintain facilities.

Whale watching with professionals at sea

The Sri Lanka Navy's passenger craft "Princess of Lanka" set sail on a new journey at the launching of "whale watching project" venture since 30 January 2011 at port of Galle. The Princess of Lanka passenger vessel played a pivotal role in ferrying thousands of security forces personnel, civilians and goods between Trincomalee, Kankesanthurai ports and Thalai Mannar till the main land supply routes were cleared and restored after the dawn of peace.

"The passenger craft Princess of Lanka" utilized for whale watching/sea cruises under the auspices of Jet liner nautical enterprise will chart the waters as a recreational cruise ship whilst witnessing the beauty of Sri Lankan territorial waters in Indian ocean where passengers will have a rare opportunity of close encounter with the largest living mammals and spinning dolphins with luxury and comfort. The ship is redressed and equipped to cater to the needs of the new clientele and is manned by a well disciplined and highly trained professional naval crew who are in par with the best in the hospitality industry.

You can reach the vessel by reaching Galle. You have to reach there early morning. It is a one day tour. There is an admission fee. Contact our manager for details.

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Dine at Amal Restaurant

Amal restaurant is one of the best run places for dining in the area. They offer a wide variety f international cuisine. Amal’s chef and his team will pamper you with delicious seafood, local dishes, cocktails, fresh pressed fruit juices and a lot more You can choose between local and European meals and drinks. They offer you various seafood platters and curries with all of its ingredients supplied from the daily market and will be prepared.

Please contact our manager and make a reservation as they are usually fully booked.

If you walk along the beach you may pass a fishing port. You might be lucky to arrange a boat trip and snorkel. You will enjoy the sun set and sun down on a clear sky. The beach is good for many sports.

Visit to wet market

You can find all the fresh fruits vegetables meat and fish by going the village market. Some merchants will not speak English. They will somehow negotiate with you in sign language.

Most of the items sold are from the village or nearby areas. Most merchants are from the village and we like to support them as part of social responsibility. This will be a part of living a village experience in the villa. Our manager will take you to the market and help you to negotiate prices.