Welcome To Siriniwasa Villa

Welcome to our holiday home. You will receive our warm hospitality and the real experience of a Sri Lankan village with a smile.

The Villa was built shortly after the colonial era. It is close to 100 years old and even the trees around the house tells this story. Most areas of the villa has been restored to replicate the original design including furniture and fittings. We have restored it to its previous glory while preserving the history and natural finishes for a unique experience.

The villa is managed by a trustworthy hotelier who speaks English and a caretaker. They are both from the village and resides in the neighbourhood.

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Walk to Induruwa Beach

Induruwa beach is one of the best beaches you can find in the country. It is clean and private. Most areas of the beach are safe. If you walk along the beach you may pass a fishing port. You might be lucky to arrange a boat trip and snorkel.

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Visit to Lunuganga Estate

Lunuganga Estate was the country home of the renowned Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa. Lunuganga estate remained his first muse and experimental laboratory for new ideas. He continued to change and experiment with its spaces and structures throughout his life until his final illness in 1998.

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Induruwa Sea Turtle Conservation Project

Turtle populations are attacked at all stages of their lives, both from natural and human pressures and all species of sea turtle are now classed as endangered. Without intervention, we may lose these beautiful, ancient creatures from our ocean’s forever.

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Charges and Services

We pick our guests from the airport on request. You will settle all charges direct to the taxi service as informed by our manager.

On your arrival you will find complimentary tea/coffee. This is offered to welcome you to our home and to make your stay at our villa comfortable.

We allow you the freedom of using this fully functional house as your own during your stay. We require a refundable deposit of USD 100/= during your stay to recover any damages/losses to property, equipment, and utensils in the event they do occur. The cost of damages will be claimed from this deposit.

A fee of USD 15/= per visit will be charged for housekeeping on request. A trained villager visits for housekeeping as we try to support the community and support them as a part of social responsibility.

An additional fee of USD 5/= per additional 5GB of data usage will apply if the Wi-Fi limit is exceeded.

Beautiful golden beaches of Sri Lanka is within walking distance from the Villa. Beach beds can be arranged at a nearby location. Usually the stay and sunbathing is free and given based on availability. Food and beverage expenses should be settled based on guidelines of our manager.

Meals and transport can be provided on request by our manager. Any expenses should be agreed and reimbursed to him as this is a private arrangement.

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Organic Vegetables & Fruits

Spring Mattrass King Size

Micro Gel Pillows

Linen Luxury Bedding

Air Conditioning


Swimming Pool