We offer the best of comforts to make you feel it is your home. We maintain very high industry standards to achieve our ratings and guest satisfaction levels from linen on the bed, toiletries to safety standards.
You will receive warm hospitality of our management and staff who are well trained and professional to make your stay a pleasant one.


We provide linen and toiletries on arrival to all guests. Our soap, shampoo and conditioner are all hotel grade products of high quality standards.

The pool is cleaned, chlorinated and maintained every week and by a professional to ensure your safety and comfort.

Please use the pool area carefully. Guests should take maximum precautions and children should be under supervision.

Please avoid using glassware near the pool and refrain from food and sand getting into the pool and polluting the water as it is difficult to clean. This will disturb your privacy during a stay.

The Rooms are Equipped with Safety Deposit boxes to keep your valuables.

In case of Emergency the standard fire fighting equipment is available.


We try our best to preserve the environment. All cleaning material used are environmentally friendly.

We use a solar based hot water system that works well during day time as it needs sunlight.

Our equipment23 are energy efficient to ensure we optimise the use of sustainable energy resources.

The main room is equipped with a digital safety deposit box. We are not responsible for any loss of items or your personal belongings. The villa is located in a safe and friendly environment. However it is your responsibility to be mindful of your belongings.

Wifi and Gadgets

Wi-Fi is available free for the purpose of standard web browsing. Please be mindful of usage as any over usage will reach the bandwidth limit. Recharge costs may apply thereafter. The Villa is equipped with satellite TV at the lounge area.


The Villa is designed to ensure that you enjoy the privacy around you while appreciating the greenery in the area. Your rooms are fully secure and private. There are no CCTV or surveillance systems in any private areas of the Villa. You have the luxury of enjoying the pool area, pantry and dining completely to yourself.


Our beds are King size and mattresses are 9” Spring Air range.

For 90 years, Spring Air has set the standard for quality mattresses and sleep systems. A great night’s sleep starts with a mattress that can both support the body and relieve pressure where it is needed most. Spring Air Back Supporter mattresses do just that, with patented designs and innovations that are unmatched by any other bedding company.



We only use the celcius Premium Micro Gel pillows as we know it makes a difference. They are especially designed and manufactured with the best materials to ensure absolute comfort and maximum suppleness giving you the most luxurious sleep you have ever experienced. The substance used both inside and out, gives you the perfect support for your head and neck while you sleep. The Celcius Premium Micro Gel pillow is crafted with 100% cotton high-thread-count fabrics and is filled with a specially arranged profile of 'micro fine' branded fibres- making it the next best thing to a pillow filled with genuine down or feathers.



We guarantee that our linen is dust free and new for each guest. It is the best you can find from Celcius Luxury Bedding.

Light weight smooth and soft to handle bed sheets from Celcius Luxury Bedding make a statement of distinction in taste style and comfort. Each bedsheet brings the aura of comfort to your bedroom and comes with the promise of added durability to stand the test of time


Air Conditioning

Our Air Conditioning is silent and very effective. The rooms are designed to take in natural air while the air conditioning is s witched on to ensure that you have maximum comfort during your stay.

Home grown organic vegetables and fruits

We grow our own fruits and vegetables as much as possible and encourage you to use our bounty for your meals if you are making your own. We have mango, papaya, passion fruit, bread fruit, jack fruit, chillies, tomatoes, aubergine and okra. Our Manager can help you with identifying the different crops and their uses if you are not familiar with tropical fruits and vegetables.